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Business and Corporate law is one of the most substantial areas of practice at Mountain State Attorneys. This stems from the firm’s partners’ extensive experience in all aspects of business and corporate law. Mountain State Attorney’s founding partner, Joshua Kotter, is a former large business (hospital) CEO, and he holds his MBA and Juris Doctorate degrees–from prestigious nationally ranked MBA and Law School programs. He and the firm’s attorneys have handled many multi-Million dollar business projects and needs, including mergers and acquisitions. And, Mountain State Attorneys can help you and your business-regardless of how large or small you are, or plan to be, or to become.

We can help you with any and all aspects of your business and corporate legal needs. Though this is not an exhaustive list, this includes selecting the correct business entity type (from the beginning), business formation and startup, adhering to the “corporate form,” which is actually required by many business entities that are not corporations (e.g., LLCs are considered a sub-type of corporation, and they are legally required to “adhere to the corporate form,” at least to the degree that their operating agreement requires), business and corporate governance, internal business and corporate compliance, legal and regulatory compliance, all types of business or commercial litigation and disputes, and winding up (i.e., shutting down) businesses or corporations (there are specific laws that govern shutting down businesses).

One of the most overlooked areas in business and corporate law–is correct formation and setup, from the beginning. Far too often (unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases) business owners, partners, members, or shareholders–are euphoric at the outset of a new business venture, due to the excitement involved in new business undertakings. But then, later down the road, after the honeymoon is over and the novelty has worn off–the business owners realize that they haven’t fully negotiated who will do what, who is responsible for what, and how things work in either of two cases: (1) when things go really really well and money is flowing in, hand over fist; and (2) when things go really wrong and the business starts to bleed money and fail. In both of these cases, questions about how and when money is dispersed, or who is responsible, and to what degree each business owner is responsible, for he business’s debts, obligations, and liabilities. It IS CRITICAL for business owners to tackle these types of questions–at the beginning, so everyone can be on the same page from day one.

Let Mountain State Attorneys marshal its very considerable business and corporate law experience to assist you and your business’s legal, compliance, and regulatory needs. Call us today.

Call Us: (406) 272-6302