Divorce & Custody

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Divorce and custody issues are easily the most stressful and difficult legal issues for people to deal with. There really isn’t anything that people will fight for (and unfortunately over)–more than their children and their property. And, really, at the heart of divorce and custody cases, that’s all there is: children and property.

At Mountain State Attorneys we ask every client “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” That is the driving factor in our representation, and we do everything legally possible to obtain it for you. Along the way, we are dedicated to educating our clients about what is likely to happen, how the courts work, how judges perceive things, and what things are unlikely to work or to be able to be accomplished. We are simultaneously dedicated to pursuing your desires, to educating you about the realities of your case, and to honestly and frankly advising you. This is our secret formula for building the healthiest and most trusting relationship–as we help you through one of the most difficult experiences in a person’s life.

Finally, we would strongly recommend that you (and your significant other) not try to finalize your divorce without an attorney looking over all the paperwork involved. Sometimes, divorcing people try to do this alone, but they set themselves up to having to follow boilerplate but LEGALLY ENFORCEABLE judicial orders and divorce decrees–that neither party can actually and practically abide by. Every case is SO FUNDAMENTALLY unique–that an attorney is always necessary to ensure that the final documents fit your life, your family, and your particular circumstances–both present and future.

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