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“Avantgarde” means on the cutting edge, or a new and better approach. The experience of the attorneys at AVantGarde Law, proves that the business model that law firms have used for hundreds of years–is severely outmoded and is a horrible fit for modern clients.

AVantGarde Law is built, from the ground up, to remedy many of the problems that have historically plagued the attorney-client relationship. Almost more importantly, we actively pursue fixing the relationship between law firms and their attorneys–because, these problems have directly fed the problems with the usual and traditional attorney-client relationship.

AVantGarde Law was founded by Joshua R. Kotter who, in addition to holding his J.D. and B.A. degrees from prestigious and top ranked universities–received his MBA degree from a top 30 world-wide MBA program (per the London Financial Times). Further, Joshua graduated in the top 5% of his graduate school class, resulting in his admission to the exclusive and prestigious honor and ranks of Beta Gamma Sigma. Intermingled with his years of legal practice, Joshua previously worked as a CEO and executive manager (several times and for many years) over hospitals and healthcare organizations. The concept and focus of AVantGarde Law was born through Joshua’s background, experience, education, and training in the corporate, business, and healthcare world. Sadly, the vast majority of attorneys are horribly poor business people. In turn, this results in very poorly run law firms. AVantGarde Law is meant to combat this tradition–by actively seeking new and better ways to please and better serve clients.

Through technology, competitive legal service pricing, discarding the outmoded law firm business model, overhead reduction, reduced firm and partner greed, higher relative attorney compensation, greater attorney autonomy and work-life balance, and other strategies–AVantGarde Law’s mission is premised on and actively in pursuit of being the most sought after legal service provider. Central to this, is our CORE BELIEF that treating highly competent professionals right, and incentivizing them in the most ethical ways–greatly translates into happier and better served clients.

If you need legal assistance and are interested in considering hiring attorneys who care about making the attorney-client relationship as honest, ethical, and transparent as possible–please consider calling us to see, for yourself, how we can help you, and how we will commit and dedicate ourselves to you and your legal needs.

Call Us: (406) 272-6302