Mergers & Acquisitions

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“Mergers and Acquisitions” is simply a fancy way of indicating that a business, or multiple businesses, are combining into one, are intermingling themselves (which can be done in almost countless ways), or that a person or business is going to purchase another business.

In any case, these types of transactions are extremely involved and are often complex. Questions, such as who will be responsible for business debts and obligations must clearly be spelled out and documented. Other questions, like what will happen to business employees, pension or retirement plans, and business owned property and assets–must clearly be answered and documented. If they are not–then there will very most likely be VERY EXPENSIVE commercial and business litigation later on.

It is imperative that these types of transactions be handled correctly, appropriately, and thoroughly–from the beginning, to avoid catastrophic consequences later on. And, Mountain State Attorneys is fully equipped, ready, willing, and able to assist you with all of these types of needs. See our Business and Corporate Law profile, on our website.

Mountain State Attorneys’ lawyers have handled many multi-MILLION dollar mergers and acquisitions, including the construction, purchase (from government ownership, after construction), merger (involving many parties), and–ultimately–singular acquisition (by our attorney’s client) of a hospital facility. Our attorneys have also handled merger and acquisition transactions involving U.S. Congress (i.e., requiring U.S. congressional approval, due to certain involved federal laws) and the U.S. Dept. of Justice–totaling $350 MILLION per year, each year.

In short, Mountain State Attorneys’ lawyers are very seasoned and experienced in all aspects of business and corporate law (see here), including the area of Mergers & Acquisitions. Call us today, and we can start helping you with your needs.

Call Us: (406) 272-6302